X-TRA Editions: Bandana by Kay Rosen


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  Constructed Landscape 2

A limited edition Artist Designed Bandana, produced by X-TRA.

This bandana features an original drawing, screenprinted gray ink on a 21 x 21 inch white cotton bandana.

Limited edition of 50, with certificate.

Shipping included, varies by region.


The bandanas are shipped starched but a single washing turns them soft and maleable. So, you can frame it as is, or wash it and use.

Take advantage of this limited time introductory price!


About the artist: Kay Rosen is an artist who is based in the mid-west. She has used language as the image of her work for over three decades. Her current work can be seen in "Kay Rosen: Wide and Deep" at Sikkema Jenkins & Co in New York from February 4 - March 10, 2012. www.kayrosen.com