Art Merch: Net Shaker T-Shirt by Erik Frydenborg


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Artist Editions to benefit X-TRA and Project X

The Art Merch artist editions series features artist's designs for band tees and totes for Project X to support our programs. These editions promote the musical projects of the artists and all proceeds go to X-TRA.


Erik Frydenborg designed this shirt for his band Net Shaker. Net Shaker, a musical side project of the artist Erik Frydenborg and the musician Ernest Gibson, exists between pop and experimental sound in the outlands of postindustrial music.

100% cotton shirts by Gildan with 1-color screen printed design. Shirts available in S, M, L.


All of the editions artists who generously contributed to Art Merch were also participants in "All the Instruments Agree" at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.


ALL THE INSTRUMENTS AGREE: an exhibition or a concert was a program of back-to-back live performances by local, national, and international sound artists, music collectives, art bands, and visual artists whose practices extend to the production of sound. Conceived as an exhibition in the form of a concert, the continuous program of performances alternated between two outdoor stages in the Hammer courtyard.


ALL THE INSTRUMENTS AGREE  inspired this artist editions series, and we thank Aram Moshayedi and the Hammer for their support. Thanks again to the artists for their generosity and enthusiastic contributions: Nathan Carter, Erik Frydenborg, Kim Gordon, Rodney Graham, Joel Kyack, and Nick Lowe and Ry Rocklen.