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Artist's Edition by Mark Hagen

In tandem with Mark's Artist's Project in X-TRA volume 18 number 4, Mark produced this amazing limited table-top sculpture. An edition of 10, each a core sample of the artist's studio floor. All proceeds will benefit the production and programs of X-TRA and Project X.


Artwork details:
Mark Hagen
To Be Titled (Subtractive Sculpture, Glendalé core for X-TRA)
, 2016
Concrete and acrylic paint (core sample of artist's studio floor)
3.25" tall x 3.25" diameter
Edition of 10 with 3APs
 , each unique

Shipped with signed authenticity certificate.
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More about the artist:

Mark Hagen, born in 1972 in Black Swamp, Virginia, is an LA-based visual artist whose research-intensive practice often synthesizes art with anthropology, archeology, materials science, and architecture. Hagen finds inspiration in the breakdown of history, hierarchy, and vision and often creates works by pushing common and utilitarian materials in unexpected directions. Believing that the exploration of aesthetic origins can have destabilizing effects Hagen has learned the prehistoric craft of flint-knapping obsidian (a material abandoned in the bronze-age), designed a space-frame system that attempts to recover its potential as a nonhierarchical and uber-democratic structure, recreated the world’s first synthetic pigment from a 5,000-year-old Egyptian recipe, and created color in the studio by anodizing titanium with electricity and the phosphoric acid found in Diet Coke.

Recent exhibitions include The Outdoor Type at JOAN, Los Angeles; Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Made in L.A. 2012, at the Hammer Museum; Painting in Place by LAND; Handful of Dust, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara; TC: Temporary Contemporary, at the Bass Museum of Art, Miami; and California Biennial 2008, Orange County Museum of Art. Recent solo exhibitions include The Big Hole at Marlborough Chelsea, New York (2015); Schmanthropocene at China Art Objects, Los Angeles (2015); a parliament of some things at Almine Rech Gallery, London (2014); Guest Star at Marlborough Chelsea, New York (2014); and Paleo Diet, at China Art Objects, Los Angeles (2013). Hagen’s artist book 2013? was published in 2012. Public collections include LA><ART, LACMA, and the Hammer Museum.


Shipping varies by region, and is included in pricing below.
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