Fall 2022, Volume 24 Issue 2


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An Analchist Manifesto: Trans-Planting: Anal Poetics and Vegetal Love
Un Manifesto Analiquista. Tra(n)splantar. Poéticas Anales y Amor Vegetal
Johan Mijail
Translated by manuel arturo abreu
Photos by Eugenia Vargas-Pereira



Like Spiders Spinning Light: Reflections on Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach’s Guernica Tapestry at the UN
David Weldzius



A Museum for the Afterlife
Mariana Fernández on Gala Porras-Kim

The Erotic Fungibility of Ron Athey
April Baca



Interventions and Placemaking in Kumasi: Interview with crazinisT artisT
Jareh Das

Conversation with Kayla Tange and Hailey Loman on Private Practices: AAPI Artist and Sex Worker Collection
Delaney Chieyen Holton