Fall 2018, Volume 21 Issue 1


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Volume 21 launched with new design by Becca Lofchie!

Soft Talk: Thoughts on Critique
by Leslie Dick 

Artist's Project
Clay baby spodomancy 
by Kaari Upson 

Conversation with Simone Forti, Steve Paxton, 
and Yvonne Rainer
by Simon Leung 

Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away
by Travis Diehl

Kim Schoen: The Hysteric's Discourse
by Georgia Lassner 

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago and Circles and Circuits: Chinese Caribbean Art
by Anuradha Vikram

Floor Plans: Pieter, PAM, and Machine Project
by Meg Whiteford